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About The BMIC- Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor project

About The BMIC- Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor project


The concept of Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor (BMIC) was developed to have an efficient infrastructure corridor between two cities Bangalore and Mysore, as well as to have planned and organized disposal of population through growth centres, which will acts as counter-magnets to the cities growth. The Government passed an order on 20-11-1995 for implementing the Corridor Project

The BMIC project comprises of the following:

1.Four lane Express way of 111 km length between Bangalore and Mysore with a Provision for extending the same to six lanes in the future [90m wide right of way]

2.Four lane (expandable to six lanes) southern section of peripheral road of 41 km length connecting Bangalore-Pune (NH-4) to Bangalore-Hosur (NH-7) [75m wide right of way]

3.Four lane link road of 9.1 km connecting "0" point of Express way to the junction of Chord Road (60m wide right of way)and Mysore road.

4.Elevated road of 3.1 km length connecting the link road to the city center

5.The Expressway will have 8 interchanges,the peripheral road will have 7 interchanges at the junctions with the various highways leading into the city and the link road will have interchange

6.Five new townships proposed along the BMIC i.e. commercial township, corporate township, industrial township, heritage township and eco tourism township.


The project area and its components pass through the jurisdiction of several Planning Authorities making it cumbersome and unwieldy to implement the corridor development in a comprehensive manner. In order to have a single window agency and facilitate a planned development of the corridor, the areas falling under different authorities in the corridor were taken and amalgamated to form a local planning area (LPA) under section 4 (A) (3) of the Karnataka Town & County Planning Act, 1961 (KTCP Act) comprises of a total area of 701 sq km which includes 125 revenue villages, 50 part villages vide GO No. UDD 377 MIB 98 dated 13-7-1999. Subsequently, the Government constituted a Planning Authority for the same u/s 4(c) of the KTCP Act called “Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor Area Planning Authority” (BMICAPA) vide Government Order 1999.

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